Circular supply chains: Reducing pollution and waste through cooperation - EU GREEN WEEK PARTNER EVENT

At the EU Green Week 2021, CIRCUSOL ( organises a Partner Event raising the issue of how to reduce the environmental impact of solar PV modules and how to develop a circular value chain in the solar PV sector. The session will openly discuss the challenges regarding environmental as well as economic impacts in a wider sense.
The objective of this session is to show that lowering waste and pollution, and, ultimately, a circular value chain can only be achieved by cooperation and co-creation between actors and stakeholders. We will shed light on good practices which can inspire also other sectors.

The roundtable discussion shall bring together supply chain actors, civil society, NGOs, cooperatives, energy sector, policymakers and a wider audience including consumers and future entrepreneurs working on a transition towards a clean energy society. By sharing the interdisciplinary experience of the participants through discussion, we will highlight good practice and approaches. This will provide a rich source of views and ideas regarding circularity as it is developed in the solar PV sector.

The event will take place on the 10th of June 2021 at 15:00.

Provisional agenda

Introduction - 10 min
Naoko Tojo, Lund University
Anse Smeets, VITO: Environmental assessment of PV and reducing the pollution

Main presentations - 20 min
1. The circularity of solar PV - Tadas Radavičius, SoliTek
2. Waste reduction - Arvid van der Heide, Imec
3. The transition from a waste society to a circular society - Wolfram Palitzsch, LuxChemtech
4. Solar circular supply chain from service providers’ point of view – Lisa Wendzich, SunCrafter

Panel discussion – 30 min
Moderator: Naoko Tojo, Lund University

Closing remarks - 5 min
Naoko Tojo from Lund University



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