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Circular Business Model Innovation Tools

In a future circular economy, new business models are needed that slow, close and narrow resource loops to address key resource and climate challenges.

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The new coordinator of CIRCUSOL H2020 project, Tom Rommens, talks about PV waste, the sector’s biggest challenges, and waste legislation.

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New deliverables and papers from partners on CIRCUSOL

We are excited to announce that two papers and a deliverable related to the technical parts and advances of the CIRCUSOL project have been published this last month.

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CIRCUSOL Waasland demosite video

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Circular business models for the
solar power industry

Solar photovoltaic (PV) and electric vehicle (EV)  have been two key engines powering the energy transition.  As the numbers of PV and EV on the market rise, resource efficiency is becoming an increasingly critical factor for the long-term success of these sectors.  Circular economy and renewable, clean energy need to go hand in hand, to safeguard a truly sustainable transition towards a low-carbon future.

CIRCUSOL is an Innovation Action project funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission.  CIRCUSOL wants to unleash the full potential of circular business models, in particular Product-Service Systems (PSS), in simultaneously delivering real environmental, economic and user benefits.   By that, CIRCUSOL aims to establish solar power as a spearhead sector in demonstrating a path driven by service-based businesses towards a circular economy in Europe.

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Service-based business models for circular economy in the solar power sector



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By 2030...

  • will be discarded as "waste"
  • will be removed from EV
  • can be provided by second-life PV
  • can be provided by second-life batteries

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