About the third co-creation workshop in Antwerp

The last May 22nd the third co-creation workshop took place in Antwerp (Belgium) where the CIRCUSOL team got strategic inputs to develop a vision on service-based models enabling local, circular power in a future ecosystem.

The session started with the result of the existing barriers given by the previous co-creation workshop sessions in terms of technology and R&D, collaboration and market, and policy, regulation and legal. Afterwards, the consortium partners discussed systemic and innovation pathways to be aligned on the ideal vision of circularity in the solar power sector.

The CIRCUSOL team wants to change the relationship of the solar-value network shifting the mindset to think more globally what the project can offer to other people, what are the positive and negative effects, and what can the project learn from what others have done. This joint meeting was also a good chance to find out where the aim of the project must be aimed at causing a real change. These main questions lead at redesigning solar systems to make them more versatile and work hand in hand with the inventors to change the mindset that began with this project.

The workshop concluded by three presentations of an ideal vision of the future of circular solar power services in which participants had worked during the last part of the session. However, it does not stop here. We need to continue working together to achieve that the CIRCUSOL project could provide to other sectors sustainable energy Product Services Business Models and help guide research and innovation supporting Europe´s Energy Transition.

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