Participation in the Energy Masterclass of "Wanderful Stream"

CIRCUSOL coordinator Tom Rommens from VITO was one of the panelists of the Masterclass of Energy  organised by "Wanderful Stream" (Interreg project) on the 1 February 2022. He had the chance to introduce the work of CIRCUSOL in the frame of Horizon 2020 and the work to counterattack the coming PV waste of the coming years.

The session opened with Peter Van Hout, Researcher about sustainable technology and lecturer on sustainable resources at UCLL, who presented the state of the art about circular and renewable energy in the European region.

The rest of the panelists were:

  • Frederik Monnaie, Non-metallic materials expert from Engie, who represented the wind sector and showed us what can be done with outdated wind blades, from the recycling to the promotion of alternative uses.
  • Frederik Peigneux, co-founder and business intelligence officer from Watt4ever, tackled the issue of how circular batteries for e-mobility will assist in the energy transition.


More information about the webinar on the official website: Masterclass Energy –

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