CIRCUSOL’s Waasland demo video is available on every platform

This second audio-visual piece explains how the Waasland co-housing demo site functions and the work that the partners did during their visit to Antwerp.

The video explains how the Waasland co-housing demo site works and it illustrates in the habitants words how the process and the adaptation to this new way of living is evolving.

This helps in generating success stories that will provide the foundation for the scale-up and diffusion of service-based circular business models. What is really important about the co-housing in this community is to prove that the green electricity that is produced locally with the solar panels is actually cheaper than the regular electricity coming from the wall socket.

In this demonstration, it is of remarked importance to demonstrate that the use of the technology implemented is as simple and as cheap as possible for the inhabitants of the co-housing

The European Union granted 8 million euros by the Horizon 2020 programme, making this project one of the most ambitious R&D initiatives. Since its beginning in 2018 until its end in 2022, the project partners will develop and demonstrate PSS business models for the solar power sector.

The project has initiated a revolutionary adventure to change the present and achieve a better future. If you want to learn more just click on “play” and enjoy!



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