International Online Conference on New Business Models 2020

Nancy Bocken from Maastricht University and Lars Strupeit from Lund University represented CIRCUSOL at the 5th International Online Conference on New Business Models on 1-2 July 2020.

The conference attracted some keynotes providing retrospective and future-oriented perspectives on new business models. Furthermore, all participants from the previous four years were invited. The aim was to provide recommendations for future research and design a Research Agenda that will lay the foundation for the five years ahead (2020-2025). Chairs and sessions focused on the future of individual themes. Tracks aimed to converge towards the building blocks of a (preliminary) research agenda, at a detailed level. During the closure of the conference, a concise overview of research topics, forming a research agenda was presented.

CIRCUSOL partners presented a paper on

Towards Circular Business Models in the Solar Power Sector:
A Framework and Guide to Support the Design and Execution of Business Experiments

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