New horizons for LuxChemtech

The headquarters of the company is located at the former location of Loser Chemie GmbH in Freiberg. The new company, LuxChemtech takes over previous employees, systems and projects, as well as all contracts from Loser Chemie. The site of Loser Chemie GmbH in Tangermünde will be continued as the Saxony-Anhalt branch of LuxChemtech GmbH.

LuxChemtech's focus

The focus of the former parent company Loser Chemie was only on mechanical engineering. Thee company dealt with the issues of sustainability and resource efficiency for many years and saw no other option than to tread new paths for the implementation of ideas and goals. An important finding from this time was that the company no longer just "recycle" the new, innovative products by simply mechanically destroying them and then sorting them, but that, of course, it also has to use chemical processes to recycle alloys, compound semiconductor materials and mixed oxides. Nowadays, innovative recycling can only make economical use of synergies from various specialist areas.

End-of-Life photovoltaic modules, for example, are full of valuable materials.

White glass and rare materials with strategic importance. The company has the know-how to recover the glass as a whole, as well as the rare materials, e.g. silicon, silver, indium, tellurium and so on. It is achieved by a combination of green physical and chemical processing steps. However, from an ecological point of view, the company encourages further use of equipment after testing and repairing. For this reason, LuxChemtech became a member of the CIRCUSOL project. The topics "Design for Recycling" and "Second Markets" will have great potential in the future.

Business areas

LuxChemtech GmbH will be dedicated to the following business areas in the future also based on waste and secondary raw materials:

  • Production of nanoparticles such as nano silver, nano copper and nano-silicon
  • Production of alloys and special alloys based on silicon
  • Analyzes in the ppb range by means of glow discharge mass spectrometry (GDMS)
  • Further development of methods for nondestructive treatment of used solar modules
  • Production, crystallization and re-melting of silicon blocks and production of silicon shaped parts
  • Mechanical treatment, etching and cleaning of silicon and other hard-brittle metals
  • Production of special and fine chemicals
  • Consultation for water treatment, also water recycling and production of auxiliaries for water treatment and new recycling technologies

The company is experienced in producing multi-crystalline silicon shaped parts in various geometries and sizes for producing flat targets for sputtering processes. The shaped parts can be manufactured on request in different resistivity ranges. They can also process used targets to guarantee optimal usage of the silicon material for creating new target materials. Fully automated etching equipment can chemically treat materials of varying sizes (from 50 μm) and morphologies. The surface cleaning or the removing of layers takes place in batch processes or continuously operating lines.

Future markets

LuxChemtech also possesses the latest equipment for mechanical processing like sawing (with precise diamond saws), crushing, low abrasion crushing, milling and sandblasting of materials like pot scrap and carbon ends. Both together can produce outstanding recycling results for production waste in the photovoltaic industry. Here the company already saves a lot of CO2 in the production of photovoltaic modules, because many of this waste can also be used after our treatment and thus the usual raw materials can be saved. LuxChemtech is very active when it comes to lithium, gallium and indium, which are becoming increasingly important for the latest technologies. That's where future markets lie.

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