Preparatory study for solar photovoltaic modules, inverters and systems

This preparatory study offers a comprehensive techno-economic and environmental assessment for photovoltaic products in order to provide policymakers with the evidence basis for assessing whether to implement four policy instruments:

  1. Ecodesign,
  2. Energy Label,
  3. Ecolabel,
  4. Green Public Procurement (GPP).

It evaluates the feasibility of the application to solar photovoltaic modules, inverters and systems and their significance for the EU sustainable policy. The study comprises a comprehensive analysis of these three photovoltaic products using the Methodology for Ecodesign of Energy-related Products, with the aim to develop a research evidence base to feed into decision making on the aforementioned policy instruments. This evidence base contains information on the environmental, user-related, technical and economic characteristics of the products.

The conclusions are that there is momentum to implement Ecodesign and Energy Label regulations on this product group, as there is a need to foster photovoltaic products in the EU markets with higher efficiency (understood as in terms of the conversion of energy but also material efficiency including durability).

The policy recommendations given are therefore to be used in the formulation of the policy instruments, being the combination of mandatory and voluntary tools the scenarios that could achieve the most benefits in terms of energy yield and energy requirements compared to the business as usual scenario.


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