Circusol contributes to the workshop about the sustainable photovoltaics industry

On the 11th of March 2021, CIRCUSOL partners (VITO, imec, PV Cycle, CEA) participated in a workshop about the sustainability of the photovoltaics industry. The coordinator of CIRCUSOL, Tom Rommens, presented the CIRCUSOL project.

This event was an opportunity to condense and focus on great initiatives happening over the world and create synergy among sectors over the PV value chain with a common goal to provide and incentivize guidance to redesign PV energy as a global and sustainable industry.

Tracking progress and promoting PV sustainability at a global level, the workshop brought together manufacturers, recyclers, policymakers, and experts from DG GROW / JRC - European CommissionIEA-PVPS, and research institutes to exchange views, trade information and knowledge.

Through eight sessions over two days and a half, the workshop addressed the following topics: 

  • PV sustainability and circular strategies
  • Industry best practices and quality & reliability
  • Economic and environmental analysis over the PV value chain,
  • Eco-design and waste management alternatives

With the participation of Raffaele Rossi (SolarPower Europe), Nouha Gazbour (CEA), Eszter Voroshazi (imec), Luc Federzoni (CEA).

Access CIRCUSOL presentation here 

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