Ismael Ben-Al-Lal from Futech interviewed by Knack magazine

Our CIRCUSOL colleague Ismael Ben-Al-Lal was recently approached by the Belgian magazine Knack to talk about the model they follow at Futech BVBA and the future of the pv energy market: "The spectacular drop in the price of solar panels is a real game changer. They have become so cheap that it becomes absurd not to fill the roofs with them"

However, he, as the whole CIRCUSOL team, is optimistic in regards to the role of solar in the energy transition, and the implementation of multiple applications currently being tested. For instance, he speculates about the integration of photovoltaic in new constructions, because "in the future, solar energy will not only be generated by panels". 

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Ismael Ben-Al-Lal from Futech. Picture: Knack magazine

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