LIVIOS featured CIRCUSOL in an article about the location of solar panels as a business model

LIVIOS, the Belgian portal for building and construction, shared an article comparing the alternatives of buying and renting PV panels. The article, written by Roel Van Espan and Wim Van Opstal (the latter, from VITO), states that the rental formulas are beginning to be popular and perceived as "an interesting alternative".

As an example, another of our partners is cited: Futech. This company from Flanders offers PV rental options in Belgium. This model allows the user to use the energy produced by the panels since the first day, without taking care of installation and maintenance for a monthly fee.

Is this the right model to face the PV waste stream coming the next years?

Tom Rommens, CIRCUSOL coordinator: "In the next ten years, solar panels will create a new waste stream. We must therefore not only look for efficient recycling solutions, but also for models that can promote reuse and a longer lifespan"

In the framework of the project, VITO conducted a survey that included 4000 Flemish households. The aim was to find out which ones were already making use of the business model based on rental and if not, whether they would be interested. 

The main reason to opt for it is financial. Said otherwise, the practicality of spreading the investment over a certain time and the guarantee of installation and maintenance. However, 27% of the respondents did not show interest in it.

Read the full article HERE.

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