CIRCUSOL project is now on video

The new audio-visual piece explains in a brief and illustrative way what the CIRCUSOL project is about. This European initiative aims to establish solar power as a spearhead sector in demonstrating a path driven by service-based businesses towards a circular economy in Europe.

The video explains how the Product-Service System (PPS) works and why it is the most efficient way to reduce waste and help make the solar power sector more sustainable. CIRCUSOL will unleash the full potential of circular business models that simultaneously deliver real environmental, economic and user benefits.

Solar power is booming. With a total installation of 400 GW by 2017 - a staggering 30% increase from 2016, PV currently accounts for about 5% of world’s electricity generation capacity. In addition, electric vehicles (EV) are also booming. It is expected that by 2040, one in every three cars on the road will be an EV.

For this purpose, the European Union has granted 8 million euros by the Horizon 2020 programme, making this project one of the most ambitious R&D initiatives.
Since its beginning in 2018 until its end in 2022, the project partners will develop and demonstrate PSS business models for the solar power sector.

The project, started in 2018 and will run for four years, initiating a revolutionary adventure to change the present and achieve a better future. If you want to learn more just click on “play” and enjoy!


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