Lund University attends FWO event with CIRCUSOL

Our CIRCUSOL partner, Lund University, attended the Belgian national science funding association FWO’s 90-year anniversary. This year it spotlighted the future national research agenda, focusing on collaboration to solve complex societal questions such as climate change. Prof Nancy Bocken from Lund University contributed with a session on Circular Economy, together with Prof Steven van Passel (University of Antwerp). Nancy contributed with work on circular business models and experimentation including ongoing circular experimentations such as H2020 project CIRCUSOL on innovative business models for circular solar panels, and start-up HOMIE’s pay per use circular and sustainable business model. The event spotlighted key future research areas across all domains where climate change and circular economy got prominent attention.

FWO was celebrated on Friday 14 December 2018 in the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

You can find all the details in the events website:

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