The COP 24 and CIRCUSOL: circular economy in the solar power sector to fight against climate change

CIRCUSOL is fully aligned with the European climate change strategies of low-carbon economy and energy transition, by developing and demonstrating Product-Service System (PSS) business models for the solar power sector. In the PSS model envisioned a supplier provides solar power generation and storage to a user as a service. The PV and batteries are installed at the user’s site, but the supplier remains as the owner and is responsible for their optimal functioning. When their use life at the site reaches the end, the supplier takes them back and decides whether they can get a second life and be installed somewhere else or should be sent for recycling.

The implementation of circular solar business will contribute to low-carbon energy production and consumption, more efficient resources usage to deliver renewable energy, and reduce overall product environmental footprints.

CIRCUSOL’s action is in line with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • SDG7: “Ensure access to affordable, reliable sustainable and modern energy for all”.
  • SDG12: “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”.
  • SDG13: “Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere”.

In addition, CIRCUSOL will contribute to the COP21 Paris Agreement through its objective to reduce 20 million tons CO2-equivalent GHG emissions related to primary PV and battery production by 2030, and accelerating market adoption of clean, renewable solar energy.

About COP24

The key objective of COP24 is to adopt the implementation guidelines of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. In this sense, this Summit will be key when it comes to design the instruments that enable climate goals to be tackled and achieved effectively and efficiently.

The main objectives of COP24 are:

  • To take the decisions necessary to ensure the full implementation of the Paris Agreement.
  • To take stock of the collective achievements made by the Parties in their efforts to meet the objectives agreed in Paris.

The Polish presidency plans to focus its message on three key themes:

  • Technology - development of climate-friendly modern solutions, such as electromobility;
  • Man - solidary and just transition of industrial regions;
  • Nature – supporting achieving climate neutrality by absorbing CO2 by forests and land, or by water management.


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