Redesign of solar power products and solutions

Current PV and battery systems are still conceived from a linear perspective, neglecting a possible second use for other applications and creating waste. In order to increase or maintain the value of existing and new power solutions, the solutions provided by CIRCUSOL need to be conceived, installed and operated with a circular model in mind.

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Using computer simulation to study the dynamics of second life photovoltaic and lithium-ion batteries in a circular economy

The Bern University of Applied Sciences, with the support of its institute on Industrial Engineering and Management, will develop a mathematical model to identify the dynamics created by the material/information flows in the different stages of the PV and LIBs life cycle, including manufacturing, inventory, transportation, installation, business models for 1st and 2nd life use, collection, and recycling. Computer simulation can assist decision-makers in assessing the PV/battery ecosystem from a business/customer perspective, as well as from a broader economic perspective.

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Towards a circular solar photovoltaic industry

Maria Franco, a Circular Economy Specialist, presents activities of a research and innovation action project funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission, CIRCUSOL, which fosters the development of business models for a circular solar photovoltaic industry in Europe.

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